I was told we should write ourselves into existence so here I am. One blog at a time.

Becoming Her

Becoming Her

The image of the woman I aspired to be has changed drastically throughout my life. She has been almost everything.

Tough, while gentle.

Vulnerable, yet heartless.

Outspoken, but submissive.

As a middle schooler, I aspired to be a wife by the age of 25. Four years later, I began to imagine her as a collegiate woman. Post-college-graduation, I saw her as a boss. In my mid-twenties, I no longer see her image tied to a title, rather her happiness.

Her image, priorities, passions may have changed throughout the years, but something remains the same: her humanity.

A liberated woman, who prioritizes her happiness and well-being. A woman who isn’t afraid to make decisions that only make sense to her. A woman who doesn’t apologize for existing and occupying her space.

May I be described as passionate, empowered, trustworthy, rather than sassy, angry and difficult. Simply a woman who breaks the rules and speaks her truth without shame.

I want to be the type of women who is rhythm, intelligence and strength all in one body. Walks firm and steady yet allows herself to fall. One that learns to heal her bruises.

A woman who centers other women. Speaks when she needs to and passes the megaphone when silence is her greatest contribution.

One that smiles so others don’t have to. She who secures her bag and helps others secure theirs. A handy-woman who builds tables for the women needing them. One that ensures credit is addressed to the right @ name.

I want to be the type of woman who embraces her flaws, while working towards improvement. Balances her realist nature with a bit of hope.

A woman who is fearless and not just on paper.

Becoming her might take me a year or ten. Becoming her is my one-way ticket to true fulfillment.

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